ProQuest e-Book Central / ebrary

collections of specialized e-books covered history, political sciences, economics and trade

ProQuest e-Book Central / ebrary (colletions Business & economics, History & political science)

Producent ProQuest

Collection Business and economics contain e-books with fulltexts from prestigious publishers like Amazon, Cambridge University Press, Emerald Group, John Wiley & Sons, Kogan Page, The McGraw-Hill Companies, MIT Press, National Academic Press, Palgrave MacMillan, World Bank etc.

Collection History and political science contain more than 17 000 e-books and historical maps from prestigious publishers like Brookings Institution, IB Tauris,, National Academies Press, New York University Press, Oxford University Press, World Bank etc.


Collection Business and economics - accounting, business ethics, Capital Markets & investments, corporate finance, economic policy, entrepreneurship, human resources, international business, marketing, real estate

Collection History and political science - ancient history, historical bibliography, colonies and colonization, comparative goverment, conflict and peace, elections and voting, geography and maps, globalization, historiography, military history and science, political parties

Type fulltext
Languege mainly english


Collection Businnes and economics is available within the project "Podpora výučby študijných programov v cudzích jazykoch".

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