Inter-library loan and International inter-library loan

Responsible person: Renata Grendarova
Address: Tajovského 40, 974 01  Banská Bystrica
Phone number: 00421 48 446 5211, ext. 5211


Users who require books not held by Matej Bel University Library and any other public libraries in Banská Bystrica or Slovak Republic can obtain them through ILS (Inter-library loan service) or IILS (International inter-library loan service).

Matej Bel University Library also provides loans and copies of items from the collection of the library.

How to order documents:

Exact information about a requested document is a prerequisite for a successful processing of a request.

Inter-library loan from the collection of other Slovak libraries is free of charge.

Charges apply for Internatinal inter-library loan. In case of a positive processing of a request, users are asked to pay the expenses according to the valid Pricelist of fees and services.

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