Lending services

The University Library of Matej Bel University provides users with absent and present loans in seven workplaces:

  • Universal reading room and Euroepan documentation centre, Tajovského Street 51
  • Economic reading room, Tajovského Street 10
  • Economic reading room - Selfeducation centre, Street to Amfiteater 1
  • Reading room of education, Ržzová Street 15
  • Reading room of politological sciences, Kuzmányho Street 1
  • Reading room of law, Komenského Street 20
  • Deparment of absent lending, Tajovského Street 40

The University Library provides absent lending only to registered users and in accordance with Directive no. 5/2018 of Library regulations of the Matej Bel University:

  • every person above 15 years of age can register; to register as a user an identification card or passport (foreign students) is necessary. Full-time and external students are obliged to submit a confirmation of school attendance (or students card, or course unit record),
  • registration is valid only by signing the application card and paying the registration fee,
  • present services can be provide in the reading rooms after paying a one-time fee, the fee is valid for one day and is valid in all reading rooms.

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